Web Design and SEO Enhancement for INOTEK


We are trusted by INOTEK to develop the brand-new website of inotek.org. The challenging requirement is to deliver website that reflects the spirit of INOTEK as non-profit organization. The unique feature is to have event management integrated with the website. The final goal is to have a new website that can benefit to all of INOTEK’s stakeholders, i.e., donor, project implementer, and public visitors.

To accomplish such needs, we performed our formal methodology, as follow.

  1. Plan and Analyze

We started to perform gap analysis. We identified “as-is” conditions of current system. We found that the client is not satisfied with the old design as it looks too formal. Hence, it is not effective to reach the stakeholder, 60% of which are young.

Then, we also analyze what is expected to build. Accordingly, we made detailed project plan with required tasks, as well as, allocated the needed efforts and resources.

  1. Design and Build

One of our principles is “never start to code before you know the design”. As how the building is established, the architectural design becomes the main basis of development. Simply, we call it as blueprint design. After finishing the blueprint design, we asked our client to confirm whether or not all requirements are covered.

Once it is agreed, we started to build the website solution. We built it under WordPress framework. We customized several post types to make it search-engine-friendly. We installed tailored plugins for event management. We also improved security robustness and user-friendliness.

  1. Test, Enhance, and Launch

Once our solution is up and running, we asked the client to conduct User-Acceptance Test (UAT). We gave them the list of testing scenario. They checked if the features are complied with the proposed blueprint design. We also facilitated them for minor enhancement, as it is still in scope.


After testing, we briefed them about launching strategy, e.g., what prime time to launch the website on social media, how to increase the first user engagement during website launching, how to make it viral, etc. The result is we got 1.200+ unique views in the first month after the website launched.