Web Development for ASEAN-wide Intranet System


On April 2015, we won the tender to build intranet system for ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA). The requested features comprise dash board with landing page, announcement, event and calendar, document repository, and integration with Skype for chatting and video conferencing. We finished the full cycle of development within 1.5 month. The result was demonstrated in South-East-Asia-wide workshop attended by member parliament representatives from the 10 SEA countries.

We developed by using custom plugins and custom post type. To design the landing page, we made an effort to customize built-in theme’s CSS. We also installed Skype API to enable system to integrate with Skype for chatting and video conferencing.  Custom type is used to display news or announcement. To facilitate event and calendar, we installed a premium plugin, then adjust its stylesheet to meet the theme’s visual characteristic. Document repository is the most challenging feature. We delivered it by modifying WordPress plugin named  Document Revisions.

In addition to the above-mentioned featured, we also implemented personalized branding strategy. For example, we performed deep modification to default WordPress back-end administrator. We designed it in such a way aligned with AIPA’s visual branding.