Web Design for Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)


We has helped Indonesia Service Dialogue (ISD) to build their fascinating website. ISD is the leading NGO in Indonesia facilitating communication between public sector and private sector. The requirement comprises home page with landing-page design, seamless integration with social media, customized page for gallery, custom menu, and advanced form integration. In addition to web design, we were also requested to integrate with Google for business services.

We committed to our formal methodology, as explained here. Before developing the website, we had sent them our blueprint design. As the client felt that it needed to be improved, we revised it three times. Eventually, they agreed with what we proposed.

After our design is ready, we continue to import dummy content representing each part of our web design. In the meantime, our client was preparing for the web content, which would be shown on the website. Posting dummy content let our client have creative idea to provide the real content.

Once both of us were ready, we posted the content to replace the dummy content. Our client then could see and evaluate any parts supposed to be improved. After that, we enhanced those parts and let our client evaluate again.

What we think as an interesting feature is the seamless integration with social media. To achieve that, we built a custom plugin. It retrieved twitter status via web service and showed on the homepage. We decided to build – not to use existing plugin – as we would like to have similar user experience with the website theme.

The process of development-revision-enhancement is a little bit repetitive. To make it more structured, we always suggest our client what could have been improved and what could not. Our concern is how to deliver cost-effective but impactful solution, rather just to implement a nice-to-have feature.

By the end of this project, our client told us that they were happy with our work. Indeed, we felt highly delighted as we had helped our client successfully.